The residents were involved in may holiday type of activities since last report. Residents participated in making holiday cookies. In the first photo, you will see by Katie’s smile that she is having a great time making holiday cookies. During cookie making, the residents also listened to holiday music, which all the staff and residents seem to love. Other holiday type activities the residents attended were the Santa Parade outside on campus, Toys for Tots, decorating Christmas trees, and many arts and crafts activities days focused on Christmas.

Dreylon (as seen in photo 2) is dressed up for a NYE party that was held. The residents enjoy wearing party hats, being silly, and just having a good time with one another. 

The residents along with the recreation staff are planning for Black History Month and have already started working on decorations that will be hung in the rotunda and throughout the building.

McAuley sensory room continues to be up and running with several sessions run throughout the week. The residents participate with other residents within their cohort (as they do with all activities The residents also participate in online activities with Yoga being one of the favorites of McAuley.

McAuley continues to hold CDS (formally Conway) programming in the neighborhoods along with the in-house day training program up and running as well as the McAuley School. Those residents who typically go to school in the community continue participate in online learning.

Staff Updates:

Christopher Centeno, a McAuley staff, recently won the employee service award that is given out each year. At the time of the award, Chris worked as a DT instructor/QIDP/Supervisor who also did direct care. He was recognized for his many years of service, being a team player, and someone who is always looking out for others and offering assistance without even being asked (among many other things). 

Many McAuley staff received the Covid vaccine last week in the clinic. McAuley administration is very proud of the staff who participated. The staff continues to get tested for Covid often throughout the week with the help from our nursing staff.

The staff continues to articipate in trainings. Professional development continues to be important even during these unprecedented times. All trainings and refreshers can be done online and are done with our staff development department. We give the staff the opportunity during their workday to spend time online to complete these refreshers.

McAuley Jan 2021 3

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