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A Message from Sister Rosemary

February 2, 2021        

Dear Staff and Families,

Blessed New Year to all! May you and your families be safe and well! The year 2020 was a difficult one for many of us. Let’s hope and pray that this New Year will bring to an end the pressure of living under this threat of a dangerous virus!

Misericordia is celebrating our “One Hundredth Anniversary” in 2021. Because of this difficult time we will have to delay a major celebration. We look forward to doing something special to commemorate the gift of Misericordia’s one hundred years when it is safe to do so.

Thank you one and all for your awareness of how important each of you is in this difficult challenge of keeping our residents safe and healthy. All have taken many precautions to maintain this goal!

Please know how grateful we are for all the effort involved in this challenge. Let’s join in prayer asking God to once again bring back the joy of our “ordinary day”. A promise to the Lord that we’ll never again take this gift of the ordinary day for granted would be appropriate.

Stay safe, dear family!


Sister Rosemary