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DT? CDS? What’s the Difference?

Last year, Developmental Training (DT) was officially renamed Community Day Services (CDS). Why did this happen? The change was mandated by the State of Illinois. The new name is actually a more accurate reflection of the scope of programming that occurs within the CDS day. Misericordia has long provided an array of CDS programs that go well beyond training. While the name has changed, the community-focused outlook of the program remains unchanged.

CDS’ priority continues to be offering a meaningful day that ranges from work skills, to life skills, to resource, to the arts. Some CDS participants are not current residents but are community members. The CDS programs do welcome this group into our weekly virtual classes. Currently, all Conway and Holbrook CDS programs are on pause. Each residential area has implemented schedules and lesson plans similar to the CDS day. CDS staff continue to look for engaging and creative ways to strengthen and enhance the residents’ skills until we can officially open the doors.

Here are a few examples:

CDS is hopeful that they will be able to open programs within the Conway and Holbrook buildings in the upcoming months. The programs will open utilizing the same Covid precautions as the residential areas. Check with your Q to see what CDS programming is occurring within your child’s area.

Sarah Marie Guski 


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