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Annual Sibling Meeting - Virtual 2021

Dear Siblings,

Please save the date for Sunday, February 28 for our Annual Sibling meeting. Due to COVID regulations, our meeting this year will be a pre-recorded virtual presentation that will be emailed to you on that date.

We so wish we were able to gather together as we have in years past. However, that is still not possible. We thought it would be important to hold to tradition by keeping the last sunday in February for our Annual Meeting.

Remember, we only ask you to attend one meeting per year and because it is virtual, this year you can attend from the comfort of your own home, work place, or if you are lucky enough - your favorite vacation spot. Needless to say, this has been a very challenging year but we have much to share with you.

This year, 2021, we bid farewell to our board of 2019/2020 under the wonderful leadership of President Kelly Mayer and her dedicated board. Our agenda promises to be informative and expedient. We will share the success of the last 2 years and thank the board, the Artist in All committee and all of the families who were still able to hold their own fundraisers.

We will have brief reports from our year from key board members. We will also introduce our new board and welcome them to our team. And of course, we will hear a message from our dear Sister Rosemary.

We thank each and every one of you who have remained involved with your siblings especially by attending our signature event. We also appreciate so very much your own devotion to your brothers and sisters here at Misericordia by staying connected by phone, skype, zoom or even the coveted letter addressed especially for them.

I know you are aware of how wonderful our staff have been during this pandemic, but your brothers and sisters have been equally resilient. They are our heros.

We will be reaching out to you with more details soon, which will include a sincere request for your annual donation. This year, we need them more than ever due to the unexpected costs of COVID, that included a total pivot of in - person programming to virtual and individual cohorts.

Thank you, dear friends, for being so faithful to the mission of Misericordia and especially to your own brothers and sisters. Thank you also to those of you who sent messages of congratulations for my recent 50th Anniversary at Misericordia.

With a Grateful Heart,

Lois Gates


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