Together for Choice - Act Now! 

Act now to protect employment opportunities for our loved ones with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities! 


Congress is currently considering a bill that will phase out Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This provision has been in existence for over 80 years and has promoted employment of individuals with significant intellectual disabilities.  The phase out of Section 14(c) will cause the closure of many work programs operated by non-profit agencies and designed for individuals with significant disabilities.  Without these work programs thousands of men and women across the country will lose their jobs.  Many of these men and women cannot obtain or retain competitive employment at the minimum wage.  For those who do have competitive employment, it is typically for only a few hours a week.  The non-profit work programs employ these men and women for the balance of their week. 

Please Click here to send an email to your two Senators and your Representative asking them to remove the portions of the bill that will phase out Section 14(c).