Our residents have been vaccinated!  Everyone did an amazing job.  It was much smoother than the first round-only because we knew what would work best and how to schedule everything to be most efficient.  We are so proud of our folks who took it all like champs.  In terms of side effects-there were very few.  Amazing job done by both staff and residents alike.

We celebrated quite a few birthdays in January and February and as always -we did so in each apartment with plenty of food, drink and fun.

Every apartment has a CDS (formerly DT) staff who works Mon-Fri to provide specific programming to our folks.  This has been great.

We made plenty of cards and sent well wishes to Lois Gates who celebrated her 50th year at Misericordia.  Attached is a photo of Betsy holding a sign up to honor Lois.  Pretty cute:)

Our residents did an amazing job remaining with us over the holidays. We think often of our families and the sacrifice they are making for the safety of us all.

Things we look forward to: warmer days and seeing our families. 

Marian Feb 2021 1s

Marian Feb 2021 2s

Marian Feb 2021 3s