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Despite the snowy and extra cold weather, residents of the Village have been keeping busy this last month.

The biggest news was Vaccination Day! What a way to celebrate Misericordia’s 100th birthday! Vaccinators from Walgreens came into each home to administer the vaccinations to those residents and staff who had chosen to be vaccinated. A big Thank You!!! to all the wonderful staff who went above and beyond to make residents feel comfortable during that time.

Residents of the village have been so excited to have CDS staff working with them in their homes during the week. The staff is hopeful residents may be able to resume CDS programming in the Conway building sometime in March. Currently a few cohorts are going to PEP where they participate in a few activities while learning the new COVID protocols that will be in place once that programming is given the green light to begin.

Though activities remain centered in each home, the residents are remaining busy with activities such as Cooking Lessons, Arts and Crafts and Exercise as well as hanging out with their housemates and spending some quality time watching movies, listening to music going on walks around campus and of course chipping in and helping their staff with chores around the homes. Everyone is looking forward to warmer weather and the ability to get into the gardens and start their gardening projects once again!

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