CDS Opens!

Date: March 5, 2021

To: Misericordia Family Association

From: Michael Diaz and Tina Stendardo; Community Day Services Administrators

Dear Misericordia Families,

We hope you all are well and staying safe. We wanted to provide you with an update on the re-opening of our Community Day Services (CDS). 

This past week, following the most current safety and sanitation guidelines, CDS re-opened. Residents remained with their residential cohort as they participated in programming. This decision was meant to be able to offer CDS services while maintaining residents’ cohorts. As of this week, we were able to offer programming, including a mix of Wellness, Greco Gardens, Art, Coffee, Yoga, Green Education, Bakery Packaging, and Recycling. This past week, residents from the CILAs and the Village Homes participated in programs within the Conway building and the Miz Works areas.

As we look forward to expanding our CDS program offerings and adding residents from other residential areas, we do need to be mindful of space and capacity. As we continue to open programs in Conway, Holbrook, and Miz Works it is important to note that some CDS instructors will continue to provide a quality and meaningful program day within the residential areas as they wait to safely return to CDS.

Please reach out to your child’s QIDP or either of us if you have any additional questions.


Michael and Tina