MFA Benefit Ad Book Deadline

On the 100th Anniversary of Misericordia, let's all show our gratitude for the love and care and sacrifice given to our residents by making this the best MFA Benefit Ad Book ever!!

The deadline for submitting your forms and payment for the

MFA Benefit Ad Book is March 21st!

Submitting your ad online is the quickest and most efficient method to ensure inclusion in the Ad Book.

  • Click HERE to submit your ad and payment online
  • Click HERE to submit a SIBS ad and payment online

Paper forms should be printed, filled out and accompanied by payment. Please drop off at Thome or mail to:

MFA Treasurer

ATTN: Ad Book


6300 N Ridge Avenue

Chicago, IL 60660-1017

  • Click HERE to download a paper ad form
  • Click HERE to download a paper SIBS ad form

Questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..