With most Village residents now fully vaccinated, CDS programming has resumed out of the homes with many changes. Residents must remain in their cohorts while at CDS with programs running a couple hours at a time giving staff time to clean and sanitize before the next cohorts arrive. Thanks to all the staff for all their efforts to schedule and make all of this work! Residents are so excited to be back even for the limited amount of time they are there. The guys and ladies are doing quite well at adjusting to their new rooms and walking to work safely. It feels like there is light at the end of this long tunnel for everyone!

Another big step for the residents has been the reopening of the pool. The Village homes are taking turns going for a swim and enjoying the return of this exercise.

For the residents, any holiday or special occasion calls for a celebration! Over the last month, the houses celebrated Valentine’s Day, they made special cards for Sister Rosemary’s birthday and just last week celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

This week everyone is excited about the NCAA Basketball Tournament so they can cheer on their favorite teams and hope to have a winning bracket!

Everyone has been so excited about the return of campus family visits. It has been a long wait for many of the residents. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor visits will hopefully resume as well. With the weather warming up soon, when you are planning an on-campus visits, now might be a good time to speak with your staff and coordinate the seasonal clothing change over. Out with the cold weather clothes and snow gear and in with the warm weather clothes and rain gear!

Hopefully everyone received the letter from the village outlining the rules and process for on campus visits, we’ve been asked to remind everyone of a few rules Misericordia has in place. 

  • Please stay in your car until the assisting staff member arrives with your resident, especially if it's a cold day! This helps reduce some of the traffic at the doors and limits the risk of potential mixing of cohorts when bringing residents from different homes over. 
  • Please remember it is only 2 adult members of the same household allowed to visit at a time.
  • Everyone is expected to complete the COVID sign-in sheet for each visit, including temperature taken at the time of the visit. 
  • Anyone visiting campus MUST wear a mask at all times. Some residents may not tolerate a mask for the whole visit, but you are expected to keep yours on with proper covering of the mouth and nose. 
  • Campus walks are allowed but remember the doors will lock behind you so please plan the end of your walk to match the end of the meeting. 
  • When going on walks, you are asked to avoid walking through The Village or through other residential areas as a courtesy to some of the more anxious residents and to avoid any mixing of cohorts.
  • Please do not walk your resident home, families absolutely must meet back at the Jean Marie Ryan Center.

Misericordia and the staff take the health and safety of our residents very seriously but also want to be able to continue in person family visits. By following these rules, they can do both! Thank you for your support!

Lastly, the residents are so very excited to have the return of a Home Visit!!! Residents will be leaving at various times to spend some well-deserved family time with their loved ones. Please make sure you know what day and time your resident is required to return so we can help the staff keep to their scheduled plans.

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