Online fitness course offered through Chicago Park District

The residents have been participating in an online fitness course called Pound fitness. This is a class that incorporates all types of fitness while using sticks. The sticks are used during the workout for you to use to hit to the beat of the music during your workout. The residents love the upbeat music and the very enthusiastic fitness instructor. For those residents who can’t hold on to the sticks themselves, the staff is there to offer hand over hand assistance.

 Residents attending the on-campus St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The residents love going outdoors so this was the perfect event for everyone to attend. The residents dressed up with some kind of St. Patrick’s Day gear and held up St. Patrick’s Day signs as the parade came by McAuley. The Trinity Irish Dancers (as you can see in the photo) made up a stop in front of the residents and performed for everyone.

Residents have their first virtual visit to a farm coming up. The farm is called Little Mourne Farmers and is located in Ireland. The residents will participate via Zoom and will learn information about different animals and what it takes to care for the animals. The animals will be introduced on Zoom while the farming staff will talk about each animal’s personality and quirks. We look forward to our “visit” to the farm and to make new friends in Ireland.

McAuley residents and staff attended the on-campus bubble release and moment of silence to remember those who were lost to Covid over the past year. It was a very meaningful event for all.

The residents continue to be involved in regularly scheduled programming of attending online school for the school aged residents, in house school, DT, sensory room sessions, music sessions, recreation sessions in the evening and on weekends, and more.

Family visits have also started up again and the residents and staff can’t be happier.

Staff Updates:

McAuley continue to hold CNA training classes and have two classes planned for the month of April. Additionally, the residence is look forward to meeting the new staff coming on. They come to McAuley with good experience. A couple of the applicants have volunteered with Misericordia previously and want to work here because they believe in the mission of Misericordia.

All staff continues to be involved in refresher trainings offered through our Staff Development department.

McAuley March 2021 1

McAuley March 2021 2

McAuley March 2021 3