The residents at Quinlan have really been enjoying cooking and baking in the houses!  We have purchased many new kitchen gadgets including blenders, mixers, Instapots, air fryers, and an ice cream maker.  All of our microwaves also work as convection ovens.  Residents have been making baked goods, pizzas, applesauce and much more.  We have also been enjoying music and prayer services with Andrew on a weekly basis along with sip and paints.

February and March are big birthday months here.  We have had many themed parties including St. Patrick's Day, wrestling, superheroes, and Elvis. 

Residents are enjoying spending time outside again and visiting with families.  We have several therapy bikes at Quinlan that residents are enjoying riding around campus.  The Kaperl ladies recently had one of their favorite events - spa day - complete with animal-print face masks!  All of the residents continue to participate in in-house CDS and are having a great time participating in a variety of activities with our Instructors.

Activities and Events that happened in February and March:

  • Lots of birthday parties! - Barb Q. turned 74 years old in February and is the oldest resident in Misericordia!
  • Valentine's day parties!
  • St Patrick's Day Parade!
  • St Patrick's Day parties!
  • Family Visits began to take place!
  • Lots of cooking activities during CDS - made shamrock milkshakes, banana bread, apple pies, homemade mac and cheese, homemade nachos, and more!
  • Bubble blowing silent ceremony, in honor of our friends we lost during the past year. 

Upcoming events and Activities!

  • Easter home visits!
  • Continued family visits
  • Quinlan Talent show on April 30th!
  • Pool opens back up!
  • Able to go on car rides again!
  • Easter day activities (dying eggs, decorating the house, egg search, making easter baskets, etc. )

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