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McAuley Day Training and CDS Day Training at McAuley:

The residents started working in the garden now that the warmer weather has arrived. The CDS Day Training staff have started a new garden area in the south courtyard. McAuley now has two outdoor areas for gardening type activities. The staff enjoy the gardening programs as well. They look forward enjoying the vegetables that are grown in the garden.

The CNA's have also been able to take the residents on more walks around campus on the nicer days.

The McAuley school continues to run and hold their sessions as normal. Our residents who typically attend school outside of McAuley, continue to have e-learning sessions with the help of our staff. The residents enjoy interacting with the teaches online.

The recreation staff continued to hold recreation groups on a daily basis in the evenings and on weekends. They continue to do a lot of art projects, music type activities, games, and continue to join online recreation groups offered through the park district.  We have continued more sessions with a farm in Ireland. The sessions are held by the owners of the farm and are educational based. The residents not only learn about farming and animals, but they get to know the animals by name and learn their personalities and likes and dislikes.  It is one of the resident's favorite recreation groups.

We look forward to more consistent days of nice weather and plan on holding a lot more outdoor activities as the weather allows. 

Staff Updates: 

The recruitment team recently went to a job fair at a CNA school. McAuley is grateful to welcome several new staff that learned about Misericordia through the job fair. They start their training next week and will be paired up with a job coach (a CNA who has been trained as a mentor) after the classroom portion of the training. The job coaches look forward to using their experience and skills they learned in their job coach training to guide new staff as they begin their employment at Misericordia.

Allyson Byrne returned to McAuley recently as a PM Supervisor. She was only gone a few months but came back to rejoin the supervisory team . We all excited to have her back. The residents were happy to see her again.

Staff were able to receive the vaccine offered at Misericordia that were unable to do so at the previous vaccine clinic.

The residents and staff celebrated the McAuley nurses for nurse's week. Cards and signs were made by the residents and staff that were hung throughout the building to show the appreciation for our nurses.