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Spring has brought with it some exciting changes and opportunities for the Village!

Recently Besser Friendship Home was added as a residence in the Village. There is hope the new home will open in late summer. With the addition of Besser, a few other changes are scheduled to take place in the Village as well. The Village will now be divided in half into the Village East and the Village West with five homes in each. Once these changes take place there will be a Director as well as AM and PM supervisors for each area.

Another exciting change in the works is the upcoming opportunities for work programs. Residents will continue to work in their cohorts but will have more assigned specialties/areas of work Monday thru Friday. It will allow residents a chance to explore different areas of work as well as get them used to the idea of adapting to new routines and schedules. The Village team is working with CDS staff to create the most supportive and engaging programs to meet the needs of the residents. While not up and running yet, staff are hoping to start this very soon.

In an exciting step forward, the Village is hoping to slowly start mixing two cohorts within areas. This would most likely start as two cohorts utilizing the gym, pool or fitness center together. If all goes well it could lead to gradually adding more cohorts. This would finally allow the Village residents to see their friends who live in other homes.

There is a Village committee that is very dedicated to exploring new ideas for this summer. Village Bike Group will start again and there are even plans in the works to shut down one of the parking lots to host an all-day cycling event. The residents are looking forward to a return of grilling, outdoor activities and games with the warmer weather. There are also plans to host outdoor movie nights in small cohorts in the backyards of the homes.

While the latest announcements from the CDC are wonderful, moving forward, masks and social distancing will still be required on campus. Sanitation will remain a high priority as well. As a reminder, if you are coming for an outdoor visit please remember only two visitors at a time, keep your mask on throughout the visit and when walking, please refrain from walking through residential areas.