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Peterman Home

The Peterman Home has been in Isolation ; Their last day of isolation will be May 19th. The men will be able to participate in Home visits for Memorial weekend.

The men continue to participate in Zoom meetings daily. They also love they're sing-a-longs and paying Bingo. Swinging on their outdoor swing has been fun for them.

The men are big sports fans and are quite excited that the White Sox are now in 1st place. The men also watched the NFL draft and were pleased with the picks for the Bears football team.

Coleman Home

The Coleman Woman have been busy planting carrots and flowers in the garden beds outside of Holbrook. They have been watering the carrots and flowers regularly. 

Outdoor walks and spending time on the patio has been great. The women enjoy spending time at the fitness center. The women have been swimming in the Moore pool. They celebrated Candy Days and the start of Spring.

Conrad and McNerney homes

The Conrad home residents have been participating in fitness and swimming and going for lots of walks. They also go outside in the mornings for bike rides or walks to get energized for the day. Conrad has a Smart Board and the men have enjoyed using it in their CDS programs. There were three big celebrations for John, Eric and Walter's birthdays.

The McNerney men celebrated Easter with an Easter history lesson and Easter inspired movies along with a scavenger hunt and egg coloring. They do lots of walking when the weather cooperates along with stretching exercises and Zoom yoga. The men enjoyed celebrating the National Days like National Crayon Day, Walking Day, Tea Day, Earth Day and Babe Ruth Day. They have also had lessons about Ramadan and Diversity. The men made a banner and participated in the Spring parade.

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