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Spring is here and the residents of McGowan are enjoying the nicer weather by getting outside more, taking almost daily walks around campus. They continue to enjoy Rec & Leisure and Fitness programs of Boccia ball, sewing, and yoga at the Conway Gym on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons.  Plus, the fitness center has reopened! Residents get to enjoy some physical fitness activity time in small groups. The warmer weather also finds them getting ready to start working on their garden box behind Holbrook Hall.

In April the residents enjoyed celebrating Easter.  A big event was the all-campus Spring Parade. They spent many fun-filled hours making coffee filter flowers, shredded paper pompoms, and creating a giant poster.  On the day of the parade, they dressed up in their best Spring-colored outfits and rode on bikes, in their chairs, or cheered from in front of their house. Quite the show!

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