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Community Day Services Update 6-1-2021

June 1, 2021

Community Day Services (CDS) is in an ongoing state of transformation, working in tandem with the administrative and executive team to insure consistent application of the latest COVID guidance. Together with campus leadership, CDS is committed to continue to expand resident day service opportunities, with both safety and quality at the forefront of decision making.

The spring outbreaks and subsequent mitigation steps slowed the opening progress CDS has begun. Fortunately, CDS had an established in-residence CDS program in place that continued to provide CDS opportunities - every resident not yet returned to in-program services has a dedicated CDS staff available to them Monday through Friday in their residence. CDS measures have limited the number of residents that can be served safely in programs, with residents returning by cohort groups for their safety.

COVID data is trending in the right direction, but while guidance is lessening for the general population, CDS is a congregate care setting and is held to a higher scrutiny and more stringent safeguards must continue. That said, conditions have improved and we are able to resume expanding. Returning residential areas will have rooms “clustered” together, such as grouping the Village homes in neighboring classrooms. Village cohorts will rotate classrooms daily, providing more variety to the program week while maintaining cohort integrity. The Shannon Apartments will be returning in mid-June, assuming no Memorial Day-associated bump in known COVID cases, and discussions are planned to begin to pilot groups from Marian Center and Mercy Glen. Hopefully, conditions will allow for further progress throughout summer.

COVID conditions have permitted community outings to begin. All community outings are currently held outdoors, such as nature, art, and architectural walks. As residents return to in-program CDS, we are committed to provide more community-based activities for as many residents as possible, with a goal of reaching a weekly activity. CDS is very proud of our facility-based CDS options, but also recognizes that community-based outings offer other enhancements as well. As indicated in the communication released last week, Community Employment has been discussed by the leadership team, and is identified as a fourth priority step towards reducing restrictive measures. CDS and the leadership team are committed to restoring all employment lost by the pandemic, as we are able to do so with safety for all in mind. The team will be reviewing these priority steps regularly, based on any new guidance. 

Michael Diaz, Administrator

Tina Stendardo, Administrator