@CongressmanRaja visits w/#Misericordia & 5 orgs from IL in DC 4 IL Day On CapitolHill 2 discuss importance of qual… https://t.co/vKGghj5P2t
@CongressmanRaja met w/ #Misericordia & 5 other orgs from IL in D.C. during their IL Day On CapitolHill 2 discuss i… https://t.co/0TBWbrMx0L
Job opportunities! Seasonal office staff 4 bakery, Security need previous exp, KitchenAide driver’s license require… https://t.co/Zpb8l6F8pr
Grateful 2 @SenatorDurbin 4 visiting w/ #Misericordia & other IL orgs in DC during IL Day On Capitol Hill 2 talk ab… https://t.co/YFTfFNKiIj
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