A huge thanks to @YahooNews @bia
A huge thanks to @YahooNews @biannagolodryga @asechrist and @katiecouric for your beautiful piece on #misericordia! http://t.co/J7Z02onhJk
Last chance! Be a #Heartracer for 2015 #chicagomarathon before the 5/26 deadline! Contact Therese Loftus tloftus@misericordia .com for info
The artwork is packed up and the bidding is done. Artist in All 2015 is in the books. Great night for #Misericordia and their artists!!
Special thanks to @Napletons 4 i
Special thanks to @Napletons 4 including #Misericordia in "Share the Love" campaign matching donations $16,604! http://t.co/NKggMzXS5z
Artist in All is underway!! Didn't make it? You can still bid. http://t.co/NdbjO5RqV6 #misericordia http://t.co/Bdi9eG3mSY